Since 1993

How & why we began

Started in 2011, Antaris orchestra was originally established by a group of alumni of National Tsing-Hua University from China and Taiwan who live in the San Francisco Bay Area. It then continues to expand and now consists of a larger group of Chinese amateur and professional musicians in the area that share the passion of playing classical and modern music together in their leisure time. We enjoy the fun and friendship and hope to bring the same to our audience.

We have been invited by organizations and communities to perform in many formal concerts as well as casual occasions, especially events with a benevolent purpose.

Our name, Antaris, originates from the brightest star, Antares, of the constellation Scorpius (with "i" instead of "e"), symbolizing our passion for music, like "hearts of fire".

成立於 2011 年,一開始是由以兩岸清華大學校友為主所組成的小型室內樂團。之後我們繼續擴大編制,廣邀舊金山灣區愛好管弦樂的業餘及專業人士加入。我們在休閒時間相聚,以共同演奏古典及現代音樂為樂,並享受同好之誼,也希望能把欣賞音樂的樂趣帶給聽眾。


樂團名稱 Antaris 取自星象中天蠍座的紅色主星──心宿二 Antares,(把原字裡的 e 改成 i),象徵著我們對音樂愛好的「火紅之心」。



You can join or help

We are a 501(c)3 non-for-profit organization operated in California. Your contribution & donation is tax-deductible. 

We continue to recruit more members who share the same passion and feel comfortable with our culture.

You can also help by inviting us to performance, collaborating, or giving your support in any form.

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